Dawud Shabazz Art

          "Eye See ART" 

Sparking the inner subconscious.

The Intention's of Dawud Shabazz Art

Main intention's are to capture the eye of the beholder. Spark a moment of serenity. Encourage an inspiring message. My intention's are to insure my customers receive quality art that will last a life time. All original art is created with archival materials. Multiple hours and effort is put into each painting, which consist of many layers of media, and texture. Art is meant to last so it can be past on to generations. The view and joy of my paintings will always create a conversation to the beholder's eye.

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About Dawud Shabazz

Dawud Shabazz


A self taught artist born and raised in Detroit. Growing up in Detroit with the privilege of being surrounded by so much creativity and blessed to be influenced by it. I once sketched a portrait of my mother at the age of 7, she was so proud. From then I knew I wanted to be an artist. My first acknowledgement and exhibit of my art was in the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in the late 90's. Through the years of working there, I became a supervisor trusted with maintaining the beautiful art on the Mezzanine. I was responsible of the outcome in the schematic , layout, and setup of each room that were to be occupied for special events after the museum hours. It was such an inspiring moment in my life. I had the privilege of observing so many styles of different artist as I had access to many areas. I constantly created art on my breaks, and stored them in my office. One day the president of the museum happens to pass my office and my art caught her eye. She was so impressed that she made it possible for my art to be exhibited within a month. I thank GOD for blessing me and guiding me in my journey. I use many different medias and other textured elements. I believe that working in a single media is restrictive to my creative process. Each idea manifests and evolve of it's own.